Las madres playgroup

August 29, 2006


It is not always easy to make new friends when you come in a new country. Besides expat clubs (see my post on this topic), parent clubs or playgroups are very popular in California. A great place to meet other young moms!

Las Madres  is a playgroup organized by the birth year of the child and by neighborhoods throughout the South Bay. Members and their children enjoy regular park outings, Mom’s Night Out, parties, educational speaker nights, discounts,… and much more!

I’m member of Las Madres and I have a lot of fun to meet other mom’s and share our mom’s experience. Kids meet regularly other children of their age and become friends for ever!

Tip: You have a trial period of one month to see if you like the playgroup and how it is organised. Try it!


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August 11, 2006

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